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International Freight Forwarding Apprenticeships

Preparing your staff and business for future change

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Compliance and competence are key.

Our International Freight Forwarding Apprenticeship is specially designed for the freight industry and provides staff at all levels with the core knowledge they need to understand and make the most of opportunities in this quickly evolving sector.

The training incorporates a wide-range of skills and compliance, including:

-    International Freight Movement
-    Customs Procedures
-    Business Finance and Freight Costing
-    Customer Service

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As we have moved away from the EU, Freight Forwarding has change and transporting goods internationally will be different and potentially more complicated.

As international traders increase within the UK, the volumes of paperwork, and complex processes will also increase, quickly becoming a critical risk for any business which isn't properly prepared.



New Challenges Will Include:

-    Changes in customs documentation  

-    New regulatory and IT systems 

-    Modifications to cargo booking procedures  

Even your most experienced staff will need new skills and capabilities to ensure your future success.

Learners will also study one specialist pathway, either Land, Sea or Air Freight. The choice of specialisation will be dependent on your business model and their role.


By specialising in this way, your staff will have the opportunity to develop role-specific capability.

To learn more about this apprenticeship and the benefits it delivers to your business and employees give us a call or use our contact form.

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Download our PDF Freight Forwarding Apprenticeship Booklet

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Learn how Logical Training can support your business to manage the changes to Freight Forwarding when the UK leaves the EU.

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