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Management Apprenticeships

Improve leadership and drive performance

Management and leadership skills are key across all sectors, industries and businesses.


Our Management Apprenticeships have been developed to improve the knowledge and effectiveness of both existing and aspiring leaders and managers. They give your staff the skills and tools they need to thrive in their role whilst building your future leadership and management talent pipeline.


At a time when work environments and interactions are changing, there are specific skills that leaders and managers must acquire and develop for businesses to adapt and be productive. This includes change management and the leadership of fluid and remote teams. In addition, the specific skills of critical thinking, data literacy and objective evaluating are more important than ever. Our Management Apprenticeships teach staff these vital skills and more, including:


-    Leading People

-    Building Relationships

-    Personal Effectiveness 

-    Organisational Performance 

-    Operational Management

-    Project Management

-    Financial Management

-    Interpersonal Excellence 

Our Apprenticeships are flexibly delivered around the demands of your organisation and we minimise time away from the workplace through our suite of tutor-support, rich-media and online training methods.

The training delivers the skills, core competencies and desired behaviours which create leaders that can drive performance and productivity improvements across your organisation.

To learn more about this Apprenticeship and the benefits it delivers to your business and employees give us a call or use our contact form.

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