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Team Leading Apprenticeships

Developing your leaders of tomorrow

Our Team Leading Apprenticeships are designed to prepare your leaders with the full range of skills and techniques they need to manage people, develop relationships and deliver results. 

Your staff will learn how to lead people and projects effectively, they will also gain a strong awareness of their own strengths and we will work closely with each individual to specifically target any area which requires development. 


Upon completion, your Team Leaders will understand a wide range of skills and strategies as well as how they can best apply their new expertise to contribute to your business development and growth.



The Programme Includes:

-    Building a high-performing team

-    Supporting and developing staff

-    Communicating organisational strategy  

-    Translating goals into deliverable actions 

-    Monitoring outcomes

-    Managing resources and risk

-    Effective budget controls

-    Workload / time management techniques

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Our Apprenticeships are flexibly delivered around the demands of your organisation and we minimise time away from the workplace through our suite of tutor-support, rich-media and online training methods.

The training delivers the skills, core competencies and desired behaviours which create team leaders who can provide direction, manage external and internal relationships and ensure the achievement of business goals.

To learn more about this Apprenticeship and the benefits it delivers to your business and employees, give us a call use our contact form.

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